Sally King, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

A specialist in older adult mental health counseling, consulting and yoga in Missouri and Kansas. Aging and mental health clinical consultations and counseling available, in-home, for facilities and families in the Kansas City area.

Sally King, MSW, LCSW, LSCSW. License Clinical Social Worker

Sally, a licensed clinical social worker in Missouri and Kansas, has worked since 2001 in the field of community and emergency mental health with adults. Sally has provided outreach, education, and project management on behalf of the KU Alzheimer's Disease Center and Landon Center on Aging, and specializes in older adult mental health, end of life social work, and lifestyle intervention coaching to decrease risk for depression at any age. Having spent many years training professionals in the areas of mental health, Sally has received three "Professional of the Year" awards from her colleagues.

Sally provides mental health teaching, training, counseling, and consulting on a part-time basis. She is also a yoga instructor specializing in depression, anxiety, and trauma, and provides clinical yoga classes for a local eating-disorder partial hospital program as well as yoga for seniors and beginners. She maintains a small private practice, providing adult and senior mental health therapy in-home, and is a Medicare provider. Sally is a Trauma-Informed Care trainer and specializes in training agencies and social workers on trauma informed protocols and resiliency building. Sally is a volunteer and past President of the Funeral Consumer Alliance of Greater Kansas City and is a trainer for Healthy IDEAS, a nationally recognized older-adult depression care curriculum. She is a professional speaker, trainer and consultant in her fields both nationally and locally.


"Sally serves as an amazing asset to me as a geriatric social worker. She is prompt in responding to referrals, professional, easy to work with, and a supportive and skillful resource for my clients. Sally is an integral part of my client's multi-disciplinary team, and I recommend her, without reservation, to any clinician looking for an in-home therapist."
Laura Gilman LMSW
Care Management Program Coordinator
Jewish Family Services

"Sally King has been a great asset to Mom and I over the last six months. Mom truly enjoyed having someone to talk with about her anxieties and concerns, and I appreciated the objective view point she brought to both Mom's worries and my concerns. Sally was also very conscientious about giving me regular updates on her observations, which helped me communicate with Mom more successfully."
Adult daughter of 88 year-old client in Assisted Living

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Registered Yoga TeacherSally King, MSW, LSCSW, LCSW, RYT 200
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Medicare Provider
Aging/Mental Health Specialist

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200)
Kansas and Missouri

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Sally provides continuing education on the following Mental Health, Professional CEU and Senior Community Topics:

  • An Introduction to the Trauma Informed Care Movement -- How Agencies and Communities Can Better Serve those Who Struggle
  • A Look at PTSD and Developmental Trauma Through a Trauma Informed Treatment Perspective (Diagnosis CEUs)
  • The Cost for Caring for Others -- An Evidenced-based Look at the Science of Self-care for Caregivers and Professionals 
  • The Cycle of Trauma -- Practical Insights on How and Why Trauma History gets Emulated in Work and Personal Relationships and how to Stop It
  • Telomeres: How Diet and Exercise Impacts Genes and Vulnerability in Aging
  • Lowering Suicide Risk in Clients -- The Latest Stats, Tools, and Protective Factors
  • Stressed out Providers -- Five Minute Meditation Skills to Lower Your (And Your Client's) Depression and Anxiety Risk
  • Older Adult Anxiety and It's Relationship to Sleep and Incontinence Issues (Diagnosis CEUs)
  • Integrating Meditation and Practical Mindfulness into Your Role as a Therapist (Diagnosis CEUs)
  • Love, Sex and Aging - Understanding the Relational Needs of Older Adults and How to Better Advocate - (3 Ethics CEUs)
  • Engaging Ethically in Clinical Settings - Boundaries, Self-care, and Liability issues with Clients (Ethics CEUs)
  • 6 Keys to Healthy Aging - How to Stay Mentally Strong Despite Setbacks
  • The Cognitive and Psychological Changes Associated with Aging (Diagnosis CEUs)
  • Isolation, Technology, and Sabbath - What Every Church Needs to Know
  • Seniors and Ethics - Advocacy Challenges When Working with Depressed Older Adults - (Ethics CEUS)
  • An Introduction to the Diagnostic,Treatment, and Ethical Considerations of Working with Traumatized Older Adults - (Diagnosis CEUs)
  • Losing a Spouse Workshop – The Practical and Emotional Tasks at Hand
  • Mental Illness 101 -- How to Manage and Intervene with Troubled Patients and Families (Diagnosis CEU)
  • Elder Justice - Advocacy Challenges When Working with Seniors who are isolated and institutionalized (Ethics CEU)
  • A Look at Loss as We Age – The Latest Research on Getting Through Grief - (Diagnosis CEUS)
  • Kindred Spirits – A look at What Research is Saying About Staying Social as we Age
  • Tips for Senior Winter Wellness – How Seniors Can Avoid the Post-Holiday Blues
  • The Latest in Alzheimer's Dementia – News on Meds, Mood, and Prevention techniques (Diagnosis CEUs)
  • An Introduction to Mindfulness and Yoga for Anxiety and Depression - (Diagnosis CEUS)
  • Alzheimer's, Agitation & Depressive Ailments:Deciphering Symptoms in the Aging Population - (Diagnosis CEUS)
  • Genetics vs. Lifestyle – What Professionals Need to Know About What Determines Mental Health
  • Hoarding 101 – The Latest Info on Why it Happens, How to Refer, and How to Help with the DSM 5 -(Diagnosis CEUS)
  • Diagnosing Depression in Seniors with the DSM 5 – What Every Professional in Aging Should Know (Diagnosis CEUs)
  • Generational Addiction - Older Adult Substance Abuse and it's Emotional, Physical, and Mental toll (Diagnosis CEUs)
  • Advocating for A Good Death -- The Ethics of Dispelling Funeral, Embalming, and End of Life Myths for Seniors and their Loved Ones (ETHICS CEUs)
  • Personal and Professional Ethics and Boundaries in the Age of Smart Phones - How Social Workers can Avoid Burnout and achieve balance When You're always "on" (ETHICS CEUs)
  • When Grief Turns into Depression - How the DSM 5 Differentiates the Two and Helping Seniors Cope with Loss (Diagnosis CEUs)
  • The Basics of Mental Illness - An update on DSM 5 major diagnosis changes/overview and how best to assess and refer (Diagnosis CEUs)
  • Being Present - An Introduction to Mindfulness Based Mental Health Interventions (including Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) -- (Diagnosis CEUs)
  • Community Based Approaches to Older Adult Depression Care – An introduction to HEALTHY IDEAS curriculum – Helping Seniors Decrease Depression Through Behavioral Change
  • A Real World Look at the Concepts of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for Overcoming Life's Challenges - An introduction (Diagnosis CEUs)
  • An Introduction to the Home and Green Funeral Movement - How Social Workers can Empower Their Clients to Bring Death Care back to the Home with Less Environmental Impact
  • An Introduction to Alzheimer's Disease and Related Caregiving Issues (Diagnosis CEUs)
  • Playing Nice - Strategies for Managing Bullying in Senior Communities
  • Women and Mood Across the Lifespan -- A Biopsychosocial Diagnostic Look at Pathology vs. Normal (Diagnosis CEUs)